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Graphene technology: cooling innovation 365 days a year

Graphene's debut for the National Teams

For the first time, we will integrate Graphene technology into our three national jerseys. This technology will support our Belgian, Dutch and German athletes in their road to Olympic silverware. Thanks to its gradual race cooling effect, our Graphene Jerseys are the perfect summer gear for every cyclist.

Even when winter arrives, there is no need to move your Graphene Jersey to your cycling closet. Those cold and rainy circumstances form the ideal excuse to take your bike indoors and switch your local roads for the digital tarmac of Zwift and RGT.

The perfect cooling for indoor cycling

In fact, cycling indoors is much more demanding than it sounds like. You do not have to cope with heavy rain and icy wind, but sweat and heat will inevitably take over when you are training indoors. So, do not underestimate the circumstances of your own living room!

Thanks to our Graphene Jersey, underestimating will not be an issue! The highly conductive nature of graphene pulls away the heat from your body and helps to dissipate it faster. But keep in mind: a ventilator is crucial to activate the graphene. The air flows gradually cool the graphene to ensure a faster dissipation of heat. While the Graphene technology keeps your core temperature regulated, you will be able to fully concentrate on going flat out on your indoor trainer.


Our Graphene technology has already proven its value to the world of indoor cycling. In December 2020, the first Cycling Esports World Championships took place on Zwift. We provided our Belgian indoor cyclists with specially developed Indoor Graphene Jerseys to prevent their body from overheating. This way, they were able to keep their body temperature stable and to put all their precious energy into racing their virtual opponents.

Lionel Vujasin, our first Belgian finisher in sixth place, was completely blown away by the impact of the Graphene technology as he said: "The cooling aspect of the Graphene Jersey did a wonderful job. I even had to lower the power of the fan because it was getting chilly. Moreover, this indoor jersey wicks away sweat perfectly!"

"The cooling aspect of the Graphene Jersey did a wonderful job. I even had to lower the power of the fan because it was getting chilly. Moreover, this indoor jersey wicks away sweat perfectly!"

- Lionel Vujasin, First Belgian Finisher (WC E-Sports)

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