Bioracer presents The Pursuit of Speed


  • AirStripe

    As the proud AirStripe pioneer of the peloton, we have developed the fourth generation of this impactful aero technology. Integrating this elastic pinstriped fabric into the sleeves will enhance the rider’s aerodynamics on the bike.

  • Graphene

    Our innovative Graphene technology is the key factor of our body-cooling race apparel. Thanks to its highly conductive nature, the graphene pulls away the heat from the rider’s body and helps to dissipate it faster. Using the air flows for cooling, the rider's speed plays a crucial role.

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  • Integrated Grippers

    The integrated grippers will keep the jersey in place during the hardest of efforts. Dancing on the pedals? Or tucked down in the drops? No problem! Thanks to the grippers, the jersey will follow every microscopic movement of the body.

  • Double-sided zipper

    This zipper enables you to open your jersey from the bottom up. That is the perfect way to get full control of your core temperature while riding.

The Pursuit of Speed

With our speedwear, we support the German athletes in their road to silverware! Combining our cutting-edge technology with their race day experience, they are ready to end up on the podium. Focusing on marginal gains, we designed race apparel to make the German riders even faster.


Ride like a German